Starting Small & Staying Humble: Early Reflections on my Freelance Journey

Alyssa Wiens June 10, 2021 I’m hesitant to introduce myself a freelance writer. Maybe it’s imposter syndrome, or maybe it’s because I’m still working to meet my monthly income goal. In any case, I’m writing this as a learner and a beginner, someone who has a long way to go. I don’t have all the […]

Week in the Life of a Social Media Manager

Jordan Boesch June 2, 2021 When I was first starting my freelance life, I would obsessively read how others structured their day. I have a tendency to hyperfocus, and learning about time management has helped tremendously in keeping up with my work and life. Certain types of freelancing have far less structure and accountability to […]

Freelance – Create Your Own Path

Alex Whitmarsh May 13, 2021 Like many high schoolers, I didn’t have everything figured out when I applied to college. I had no clue what I wanted to study or the career I wanted to pursue, so I chose to attend a university that was close to home and selected a major from the short […]

Never Stop Learning: The Freelancer’s Manifesto

Michael Azevedo April 19, 2021 For the past couple of decades, I have worked as a freelancer—in a wide variety of roles—and hired freelancers—for a wide variety of roles. And when it comes to writing, well, name a flavor of freelance writing, and I’ve done it: website copy, advertising tag lines, elevator statements, mission statements, press […]

How to Find the Best Version of You

Jim Sapara April 19, 2021 Sometimes a different set of eyes or a different set of words can show you your authentic path you have been looking for. It can start simply by changing your routine if you start your day. Even the first hour of the day has a dramatic shift on how the […]

Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting my Freelance Career

3 Reasons Why I Started Freelancing and How I Plan to Make it Full-Time Lexy Farrell April 19, 2021 Hey, I’m Lexy Farrell! I’ve been freelance writing for 3 months now and let me tell you… I wish I had started earlier. I’ve always loved writing and it was always easy for me and something […]