Week in the Life of a Social Media Manager

Jordan Boesch June 2, 2021 When I was first starting my freelance life, I would obsessively read how others structured their day. I have a tendency to hyperfocus, and learning about time management has helped tremendously in keeping up with my work and life. Certain types of freelancing have far less structure and accountability to […]

From Music Side Hustle to Full Time Career

Francetta Evans-Anfom May 11, 2021 How I started?  Both my parents and family members are entrepreneurs, so that is where my love for creating my own career path, having financial freedom and working my own hours came from. The whole idea for Dats Muzik came about whilst I was doing my Music Technology A Levels […]

How to Freelance as a Parent with Young Children

Alayna Quiles May 2, 2021 You’re a parent of young children, and you’re ready to break into the world of freelancing. You’ve set up your portfolio, your Fiverr or Upwork profile is ready to go, and maybe you’ve even started to promote yourself on social media. Your first project comes in, and you’re ready to […]

From blog owner to content writer

Ana Pataki April 30, 2021 I was born and grew up in Novi Sad, the second-largest city in Serbia, a country in Central Europe. For that reason, this seems like a great opportunity to present freelancers who are living and working on other continents. I studied Sociology in college and gained many practical skills in […]

WTF is Freelancing?

Kristjana Hillberg April 21, 2021 “I bet you get a lot of baking done!” she replied when I told her I work from home.   This is a pretty typical response when the dreaded ‘what do you do for a living’ question comes up in everyday conversations.  I couldn’t put my finger on exactly why this […]

Freelance Copywriting as a Work-at-Home Mom

Nicole Ellis April 21, 2021 You want to be a full-time freelance copywriter. You think maybe you will dip your toes in… You can’t dip your toes in. That might get you a side hustle. In the beginning, it is hard to be confident enough to run with it. When you try your hardest, you […]