Jordan Boesch

June 2, 2021

When I was first starting my freelance life, I would obsessively read how others structured their
day. I have a tendency to hyperfocus, and learning about time management has helped
tremendously in keeping up with my work and life. Certain types of freelancing have far less
structure and accountability to other team members, and when I first started, I owned my own
graphic design business. If I didn’t plan my time well, social media posts weren’t getting made,
new products for my shop weren’t getting designed and tested…aka I wasn’t making any

Today, I work as a freelance social media manager part-time and manage a team of 3 writers. I
also write for the company myself, create SEO content, write articles in my spare time,
homeschool my four kids, and squeeze in gaming and streaming at night. My freelance life
might look a little different than someone who is working entirely solo, but there is also a rise in
remote work that was catching on prior to Covid-19 and is now growing rapidly. Here’s what an
average week looks like for me!


I’m a creature of habit, but also a creature of the night, so I don’t start any of my days
particularly early. I was blessed with kids that like to sleep in, thank goodness, so we all start
our days around 8 or 9 am. I catch up on my Slack messages from the weekend as well as
message my team about anything that’s going on. I also make any lists that are needed for what
needs to be accomplished that week. They’re pretty straightforward lists — I keep a notebook
that I write in so I don’t have papers everywhere, and I use Trello lists for long-term items. Next,
I review my kids’ school from the previous week, see what is on the schedule for this week. (I
save time by purchasing a curriculum that comes with a planned schedule.) I have reports for
my boss on Monday to keep him updated on my writing team and the social media clients. I
make dinner and get kids to bed around 8 (the teens go to sleep at some point, I hope, but they
like reading), and around 9 pm I stream to an awesome Twitch community, which I try to do this
around 3x a week.


I have clients that I write for on Tuesdays/Thursdays/Saturdays. Currently, I’m trying
to get a couple of months ahead on writing, because I have an upcoming multi-week trip
planned to see my family. I don’t want to work much while I’m there, and I absolutely love the
freedom to just switch sides of the country for three weeks at a time. Tuesdays are also team
meeting days. I have one this week, as well as a phone doctor appointment. The times overlap,
but I have an awesome boss so I can log in to the meeting and they just message me on Zoom
if anything comes up (but it was a pretty normal week last week). Then, dinner and put the kids to bed
and then gaming or reading…this part pretty much stays the same for me throughout the week.


Wednesdays are usually my “random task” days. In addition to writing and
managing my social media team, I create graphics used in hypertargeting ads whenever my
advertising team needs them. I ghostwrite one to three articles per month relating to social
media, marketing, and website management, so I’m researching and writing these today.
School for the kids has been a lot of homework, but Wednesdays are more hands-on. I also alternate between a desktop in my room when I need to focus, or a laptop when we’re working
on school and work at the same time. My kids alternate between sitting in our library on the floor
with coffee (the teenagers are obsessed, the little ones drink mostly milk with a splash of
coffee), or using our dining room table for their schoolwork. Being homeschooled myself not
only gave me a good idea of what would work well for them, but I think it particularly fits the
freelance lifestyle. I can switch pretty seamlessly between schoolwork and freelancing, and
when my kids need extra hands-on attention, I can always do my work late at night. As long as
my work is done, the hours it’s done in don’t really matter. I have a happy hour phone call
scheduled with one of my team members — pretty much wine and freelance talk, which is fun.
She was also cool with happy hour being at 8:30 at night so that I could enjoy myself after the
kids went to bed.


This is another writing day for my own social media client, and it’s also when I am
touching base with my writers to see if they need any help with clients. We are starting two new
clients this week so I making sure the writer has what they need in Trello and Canva to start
creating their posts. Trello has been a lifesaver for me — I can really quickly organize lists in
whatever way makes sense to my brain, and my team can tag me in relevant lists when they
need me to see information. I have a personal board where I keep my client information
organized, my own to-do lists, article ideas, and content that needs to be created. I also have a
list of any problems that arise to monitor, and if I need to, I bring it to the attention of the
appropriate team member. We have a team board with all the client information neatly
organized, and we can add post requests from the clients right to their lists, without lots of back
and forth emailing between client, account manager, team manager, and writer. As for school
today, it’s mostly making sure my kids are on track to turn in assignments by tomorrow.
Thursday nights are for Critical Role — a Twitch Dungeons & Dragons show that my husband
and I have been watching for years now. We have a standing date with takeout or homemade
pizza and I usually draw on my iPad while I watch.


Test and turn-in-assignment day for my kids, and my last writing day for my clients. I’m
still trying to get two weeks at a time done while saving my weekends for my family. So instead
of writing posts on Saturday, I’m getting it done a day ahead on Friday. I also try to accomplish
an “extra” project per week on Fridays. I decided to step up my writing career, as most of my
writing has been ghostwriting over the last year. My college major (which I didn’t finish, but
that’s another story) was journalism, and getting back to my passions has been important to me.
I’m currently writing one article for submission per week, on topics from freelancing to religion to
politics. Trello has come in handy here as well! I made a list of sites and digital magazines that
accept submissions, I organize personal article ideas and sources, and then I have a list of the
articles I’ve written and where/when I submitted that article.


I make sure to keep work to a minimum on the weekends so that I can spend time
with my husband and four kids. The one work-related thing I have to tackle on the weekend is
approvals for my team’s social media posts. They write and submit their posts, and once a
week, I check the posts for grammar, punctuation, and how well they adhere to the client’s
specifications. This typically doesn’t take too long, unless our social post management site broke something in their most recent UX update. During the summer, I’m going to try to include
Friday in with the weekends, because my husband works one less day per week. Just one more
reason that freelancing is awesome, because I can tailor my schedule to match our current
family needs. We spend the weekend gaming together, cleaning up things in the house that
we’ve been meaning to tackle, and going to church.

This was a pretty typical week for me and what I do as a social media manager. I’m able to add
extra hobbies and projects when I have time, as well as get ahead on work to take time off — I’m
never tied to specific hours other than a few team meetings per week. Freelancing has not only
given us extra income with the potential to grow, but it allows the freedom to spend part of the
summer on the other side of the country, to take appointments whenever needed, and to
homeschool our children. I’m so grateful that this style of work is not only becoming easier than
ever to get started in, it’s also becoming more accepted by traditional employers.


Jordan Boesch is an Eastern Shore native transplanted to Southern California, where her
husband still teases her for how she pronounces “orange” and “water.” She has a background in
journalism, photography, and graphic design, and owned a logo design and typography
business for eight years. Currently, she homeschools her four kids while managing a Social
Media Team at a digital marketing firm. When she isn’t wrangling words and grammar into
place, she takes up her hobby of gaming, trying to keep her team alive as a main support player
in Overwatch.

Jordan is available for research articles, ghostwriting, and copywriting! Email her at