Francetta Evans-Anfom

May 11, 2021

How I started? 

Both my parents and family members are entrepreneurs, so that is where my love for creating my own career path, having financial freedom and working my own hours came from. The whole idea for Dats Muzik came about whilst I was doing my Music Technology A Levels and continued working on it during my Music Business Degree at ACM (Academy of Contemporary Music). At first, I was doing music promotion, where I was getting local and unsigned artists to DJs gigs. I created my website, got my social media pages going and was using ‘Myspace’ at the time, SoundCloud for ‘Dats Muzik Playlist Weekly’, created my Dats Muzik Magazine (online digital magazine) and was writing music reviews on my blog. After a few years, I realized that becoming a music promoter wasn’t my thing but that I still wanted to continue with Dats Muzik and that it was going to be a continued success in my mind. So I changed and it became a music marketing company, whilst still writing music reviews for my blog, creating Dats Muzik Magazine (online digital magazine) and having ‘Dats Muzik Playlist Weekly’ featuring artists.

More and more local and unsigned artists to DJs were contacting me through Twitter and wanted to use my services and feature on the playlist. Once again, I wasn’t enjoying the marketing side of things but had always known that music and having my own business was my passion. Whilst starting Dats Muzik as a serious side hustle for many years, I held many copywriting and content writing jobs, where I honed my writing craft and realized that this was something I enjoyed to do, as well as the music reviews (blog), playlist and more. Only in the last few years did I realize that writing was an easy thing for me, as I just finished doing web copywriting for a black international architecture firm and that years back, I won ‘The Young Writer’s Poetry Competition for 11-18 year old’s for South East England’. Slowly but surely, Dats Muzik has become more and more my full-time career and since the pandemic, I only focus on that. Now Dats Muzik is a music PR company, copywriting and content writing, blog and Afrobeat magazine. The genres it focuses on are Afrobeat, Amapiano, HipHop, Dance/ Electro/ House, Funk and Reggaeton/ Latin music from emerging talents, musicians and DJs. Its ethos is diversity, individuality, acceptance and inclusion.

As I realized, over the years, music marketing and promotion has changed drastically. The way musicians want to be marketed and how customers consume and buy music is so different to what it was ten years ago, let alone now and where society shops for products or to use services… They go to their local store (online or by foot) or search for small businesses to buy from or pay for their services, more now than ever before. With knowing all this, I continue to bring modern marketing to the music industry and support more black and multicultural led businesses, as they are underrated. So, Dats Muzik’s services are EPK design (electronic press kit), music reviews (blog), Dats Muzik Magazine (online), ‘Songs of The Moment’ Spotify playlist, copywriting and content writing for Creative businesses, Creative diverse and black led businesses.

2. A bit more about my work?  I originate from Nigeria and Ghana and live in a multicultural country, so want to support music genres and businesses that don’t get enough attention + there isn’t a black female music blogger and Afrobeat magazine that anyone knows of? So I want to be the leading Female Afro Blogger (F.A.B) + web copywriter and content writer for creative diverse and black led businesses.


Francetta is a specialist in EPKs (electronic press kits), website design, copy, music reviews and is the editor in chief of Dats Muzik bi-monthly Afrobeat magazine.  She is passionate about promoting emerging talent and DJs, supporting festivals, music businesses, and creative professionals.  She’s written hundreds of music reviews, written lots of copy, designed EPKs & websites, done social media work, and is working on her 11th magazine issue, out this year 2021. Lets not forget her Spotify playlists too… Songs of The Moment.

You can check out her website here!