Kristjana Hillberg

April 21, 2021

I bet you get a lot of baking done!” she replied when I told her I work from home.  

This is a pretty typical response when the dreaded ‘what do you do for a living’ question comes up in everyday conversations.  I couldn’t put my finger on exactly why this question & its response was so cringeworthy.  Was I ashamed?  Did I feel like I was an imposter? Or was it really just because I was kind of tired of explaining to people that freelancing was an umbrella term for working for yourself. 

You’re SO all over the place.  I can’t ever keep up with you and what you’re doing!” accompanied with an eye roll from a friend asking what work I was currently involved in.

From the time I was a little girl I found myself enthralled with painting birds, kicking a soccer ball, singing on stage & pretending I was a hair stylist in my mom’s beauty shop (sorry for the “trim” neighbor girl).  It was exciting to learn new skills, teach them to others & then move on to the next thing.  So it was no surprise that this craving for versatility followed me into my adulthood.  I never looked at bouncing from one opportunity to the next as a bad thing…or something that was limiting until I received the above comment.  

Well, shit.  Am I going at this all wrong?!

Good luck being a military spouse…that’s a whole different world.” (not so) kind advice given from my divorce attorney. 

After years of working a 9-5 steady income job, I married an active duty man in the Air Force and knew some things needed to change.  We were being stationed across the state and my 5 year old little lady was going to remain with her dad to continue with school.  That decision was NOT easy, but what was best.  

Overnight I needed something flexible to allow me to travel across the state every other weekend and something that was consistent, enjoyable, and something I could do from my laptop.  I logged into Facebook from my work desk and typed ‘remote work’ into the search bar.  

The term freelancing wasn’t introduced to me until a while later when I landed my first virtual gig working for a woo-woo lightworker who lived in Bali and drank fresh squeezed juices every morning before she read her client’s past lives.  Talk about a complete career shift.  

A few more 1 off jobs doing random tasks until I began to ask myself if there was a way to juggle multiple gigs at once for a set price.  I started experimenting with social media marketing and content creation which led to copywriting for blogs & podcasts and now…nearly 4 years later…my entire message & brand revolves around freelancing!

I went from making less than $2000 a month to averaging $10,000k months and LOVING what I was doing on a day to day basis.  

No.  It didn’t involve baking, friends throwing shade or annoying attorneys saying it wouldn’t work out.  

It involves a lot of grit.  Dedication.  Learning as I go.  Pivots.  Finding clients I want to work with.

Lather.  Rinse.  Repeat.

Freelancing can be whatever you make it.  That’s the beauty of entrepreneurship.  The freedom that comes with being your own boss.   


Kristjana Hillberg is a content creator, avid connector and freelance mentor. She has 10+ years of experience in the client experience industry and is driven to help all women that she comes in contact with unlock their potential and succeed. Kristjana resides in the Black Hills of South Dakota with her family, is a military spouse and enjoys thrifting, eating scones at the local bakery & prides herself on being an aerialist in the circus.